Clearing things up.

2011-10-17 04:49:27 by slipperystudios

So I posted some tests up on here and it got taken down. I wasn't aware you weren't supposed to post tests on here and I apologize for that. And thank you to Exedor for the advice since I am new to the site. So I am sorry I posted those tests, I won't do it again. But hopefully, I will get the hang of Flash and be able to post things that won't get blammed haha. So sorry again, I feel bad but thanks to Exedor for giving me some tips for posts and making flashes.



2011-10-13 04:43:32 by slipperystudios

Hey everyone! Anyone who just so happens to stumble upon this page, my name is Jake! I am a stop motion animator and I will make flash animations soon (hopefully). But for now I am just a browser on here, but once I do get flash, I will be throwing out cartoons like hotcakes. I am very happy to be apart of the site! I have known of this site for around two years but never really got around to making an account. Actually now that I think about it, I can post stuff here now! I love to draw on Paint Tool SAI so I guess I could post little doodles and such until I get my hands on flash. Anyways, I hope to be able to post very soon! :D